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Welcome to Atingo!

Atingo founded in 2019, we are a brand of brands with elements of Love, Eternity, Elegance, Stylish & Quality.

Atingo means “achievement”, a thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage or skill.

Cornelia, the founder of Brilliant Atingo.  According to her experience & passion in Jewellery & Watches field over 20 years, she decided to build her gallery for ladies who looking for brilliant goodies for herself & someone that she loves & cares.


FRITSCH STERLING founded in May 2017, who want jewellery lovers to share their passion for genuine and radiant sterling silver.

FRITSCH STERLING combines high-quality sterling silver with diamonds, fascinating gemstones, precious stones, cubic zirconia & created stones of exceptional quality.

Passion and Person – Axel Fritsch
A life for the precious metal silver more than 40 years of experience in the creation of exciting Silver Jewellery designs in exceptional quality.  Axel Fritsch came into contact with the precious metal silver as a child through his father Hans Fritsch, then a sales representative at the silverware factory Koch & Bergfeld in Bremen, Germany.  Already at the age of six, he frequently and gladly accompanied his father to the impressive Bremen factory today, he is still friends with the current owner, Florian Blume.  The passion for the precious metal silver that was deeply rooted at that time accompanies and inspires Axel Fritsch to this day.

At the end of 2016, Axel Fritsch started his new passion FRITSCH STERLING in the summer of 2017 and realised his dream together with his friend and former bastian authorised signatory Eric Karl Gärtner, with whom he has shared a successful collaboration since 1998 until 2016.  He will in future determine the fate of Axel Fritsch GmbH Bremen and its brand, FRITSCH STERLING.

Demand And Quality

FRITSCH STERLING jewellery is for modern sophisticated women.  Axel Fritsch has been providing important impulses for the design of the most beautiful of all precious metals for more than 40 years.

FRITSCH STERLING produces jewellery that creates a symbiosis of radiant sterling silver, precious diamonds, fantastic gemstones, cultured or fresh water pearl & special cut created stones.  FRITSCH STERLING uses only precious sterling silver in its original, radiant appearance and dispenses with machine production.  Excellent craftsmanship characterises the silver jewellery of this special, sophisticated quality of Fritsch Sterling products. They form the core of FRITSCH STERLING collection, this makes every piece of silver jewellery a perfect experience – from high-quality basics to unusual, exclusive designs.

Let Yourself Be Enchanted
  • FRITSCH STERLING presents sophisticated Jewellery pieces that give women the opportunity to create a personal style and look.
  • FRITSCH STERLING Jewellery allows the independent fashion conscious woman to make a statement, creates an opportunity to express who she really is.
  • Suitable for any occasion, regardless of mood, outfit or plans for the day, every woman can add extra wholeness and esprit to her radiance with jewellery from RITSCH STERLING.
  • FRITSCH STERLING Silver Jewellery creates joy in daily use and is timelessly beautiful.
  • Handcrafted production with manufactory character, guaranteed best quality.
  • Precious sterling silver in its purest form, combined with the finest gemstones, diamonds, pearls or in pure original style, makes a clear elegant statement.
Fascination of Sterling Silver
  • Only genuine sterling silver has this incorruptible shine and this enchantingly radiant colour full of feminine, sensual and youthful radiance.
  • The term “Silver” comes from the Old Norse language area and means “Light”, “Bright” and “White”.
  • The alchemists transformed the symbol of the crescent moon for silver.  The moon  goddess Luna embodied the female element and stood for clarity and purity – in  contrast to the masculine, sunny gold.
  • The radiance of silver has always excited people.  At times in antiquity, silver was more valuable than gold and was also used as a means of payment.
  • In jewellery, besides the beauty of the material, the relatively easy processing of silver is also an advantage.
  • In addition, silver has specific properties that distinguish it from other materials. for example, it is gentle on the skin, wound healing, antibacterial and antistatic.

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